DePaul Bests Football Pirates

On October 17, DePaul Catholic defeated the Pirates 34-17. At first glance you might read this score as a blowout, but this game can down to the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. After the Pirates stopped DePaul, leading to a punt, The Prep’s offense ran out onto their own 7-yard line down 21-17, hoping for a game winning drive. On the next play, Jaden Craig’s pass was intercepted by A ‘Khoury Lyde and returned for a touchdown. As the Pirates received the ball back with 1:00 remaining down 9, Jaden Craig attempted a sideline pass which was intercepted again by A ‘Khoury Lyde who returned his second pick into the endzone. 

 The Spartans offense led by QB Andrew Butler was efficacious. Butler threw for 183 yards and two touchdowns. The Spartans’ competitive backfield with three exceptional running backs was limited by the Pirates to 112 and only one touchdown Nuccio Lisitano was majestic against the Pirates, resulting in 75 yards and two touchdowns. Lisitano displayed the receiver-quarterback chemistry he has with Butler.  DePaul’s hungry defense was efficient as well. Joe Fano led the team in tackles with 12, and A ‘Khoury Lyde’s determination helped the Spartans be victorious with 4 tackles and 2 interceptions that resulted in touchdowns.  

At this point, Seton Hall Prep was still searching for their first win, starting 0-3 on the season. Jaden Craig threw for 173 yards with two touchdowns, but two late interceptions eliminated the chances of a victory.  Running Back Myles Thomason led the team with 78 yards on the ground and Johns Hopkins commit PJ Penders led the team in receiving yards with 48 and a touchdown. Columbia commit Jack Larsen accounted for a receiving touchdown as well. Defensively Kevin Agnew led the Pirates with 11 total tackles, and Jermey McKenna led the defense with 2 sacks. Seton Hall was in this game till the last minute, but three lost turnovers were costly in this defeat.