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Brendan Lunga '21, Contributor | February 18, 2021

Following the cancellation of all New Jersey high school sports in the spring of 2020, the NJSIAA and Governor Murphy began to plan for the following fall season. The two sides understood the challenge that they faced; they needed to balance the dangerous realities of COVID while also allowing student athletes to play the games they love. After much deliberation and debate, the committee decided to...

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Connor McGahan '23, Contributor | February 18, 2021

Seton Hall Prep Hockey is rolling.  After starting out the first three games of the season with ties against Morristown Beard, Saint Augustine, and Princeton Day, Coach Atkinson's team was determined to get the first win of the season against Saint Peter's Prep. It has been a rough year for Saint Peter's when facing Seton Hall in athletics. In the fall, the Pirates defended their State Championship...

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