Rohan Pai '25, Contributor | March 18, 2024

March Madness is finally here. With the official bracket out, it’s time for thousands of college basketball fans to ponder the same question: Is this the year I make a perfect bracket? I must confess, I am among these “delusional” people. Every year I think, could this be my year? Of course, it never has, and quite frankly, it likely never will. According to the NCAA themselves, the odds of filling...

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Rohan Pai '25, Contributor | March 13, 2024

The newfound warm weather signals an end to winter sports at Seton Hall Prep. This winter sports season was an interesting one for all Pirates sports teams, as some reached the pinnacle of success, while others felt the pain of not meeting understandably high expectations. This winter season introduced individual successes for many guys breaking into the varsity ranks. All in all, fans have a lot to...

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