Summary of a State Championship Season

The 2022-2023 Winter Track Team came into the season with high expectations. Last year’s track team performed really well, especially in the 4×400. They ran a 3:18 last year.  This year’s winter track team was enormously successful. Coming into the winter season Nick Devita ’23, Ryan Matulonis ’23 and Xavier Donaldson ’23 all committed to Ivy league schools. The coaches expected noting but the best from this year’s team. We had a great winter track team last year and a really good spring track team as well. Even given high expectations they exceeded all of them.

The track team won States for the first time since 1970. It was a huge accomplishment for the program. Devita, Matulonis, Russell Webb ’23, and Xavier Donaldson won the 4×400 at the Private School Millrose Games. Their time of 3:15.73 not only won them the race but also solidified them as the second fastest team in the USA for 2023.These accomplishments did not just happen overnight. A lot of hard work and dedication was put in by the whole team. The coaches pushed the whole team to be the best we could possibly be. That plays a huge role in why this track team has had so much success over this past winter season and the last indoor and outdoor seasons. The coaches strongly believe we are the hardest working team in the state. The workouts are intense but at the same time rewarding.

We had a couple of standouts this season and one of those was Xavier Donaldson (Princeton commit). Donaldson achieved a lot this season. He had a remarkable season breaking countless records, and becoming the Winter Track and Field Performer of the Week. He became the fastest 300m runner in the nation with a time of 33.73. Donaldson ran the 55m in 6.44 which makes him third in the state. He ran the 400m in 47.70 in groups which made him sixth in the state, And he was part of the 4x200m team which became the best 4x200m in the state with the time of 1:29.76.  Donaldson had an enormous amount of pressure on him. Being committed to such a prestigious university like Princeton, he had a lot to prove. He did not disappoint exceeding all expectations. He had a great season and is looking forward to the spring season.

Ryan Matulonis also had a wonderful indoor season. Ryan Matulonis was second in the state for the 400m with a time of 48.42. He was a vital part of this year’s team. There was not a race he could not run. He was a part of this year’s 4x200m team which broke state records. Matulonis was a dedicated member of the team he brought the energy to every practice and made sure the other members performed at their best. He is committed to the University of Pennsylvania.

Another important member of the team was Nick Devita. Devita is also a University of Pennsylvania commit. Devita ran the 800m and the 400m. He was not only a part of the 4×400 team but also the 4×800 team. The 4×800 team could not stop winning. They had a great way of running their race and focusing on their strategy. That’s what made the 4×800 team so successful this indoor season.

Russell Webb was a big part of this year’s team. Webb took a leadership role with the younger guys on the team and formed a great relationship with them. A lot of the young distance guys really look up to him as a mentor. He gave great advice for those who needed it. Webb is currently uncommitted. He had a remarkable winter season and did a great deal for the team. Webb ran hard this indoor season and broke some of his personal records.

Overall, the team improved over this hard and long indoor season and is looking to improve even more during the outdoor season.