The Necessary Revolution

As a fierce proponent of government regulated capitalism and “democratic
socialism,” I often get criticized by many Americans that believe that capitalism is simply “ All
American.” This is most likely the case because Americans, for the most part, have always
had a positive view of “individualism.” Individualism, by its very nature, would promote a
small government that would not regulate businesses or push a socialist or far left agenda.
Simply put, the American people, at that time, believed that the government should not call
the shots when it comes to how a business is run. Furthermore, the American Dream has
always involved the idea that if you work hard, then you will “win.” But what has that “win”
always meant? For the most part, that “win” refers to becoming extremely wealthy,
therefore, the ability to “live comfortably.”
Today, however, multi-national corporations work for the top one percent of the
country and leave everybody else out. This is why it is absolutely necessary that we
become more socialist in nature. It is time for a revolution when the rich, elite capitalists
control our healthcare system and support their own people, the wealthy. Even though
America may not have been socialist for all these years, there is still hope for a socialist
revolution in which ALL AMERICANS ARE MADE EQUAL.
My Questions to Today’s “Capitalists”
1. Are people who do not have quality access to healthcare truly “free?”
Today, equal is not equal. Minorities, in particular, are disproportionately affected by asthma
and other health concerns. COVID-19, for example, has disproportionately affected affected
“Black America.” This is absolutely sick; this is why we truly need “Big Structural Change.”
Healthcare is a human right, so let’s introduce legislation that provides “Medicare FOR
2. Why do Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump (most likely) not pay a cent in federal tax?
There are far too many loopholes in our tax system that the rich, well-connected take
advantage of. This must end; our president and the CEO of Amazon should pay a wealth
tax that invests in the future generations of Americans. (Trump, don’t play the American
people; pay a wealth tax if you really want America to be “great.”)
3. If we support the rich on Wall St, then they will not help the workers in increasing the
minimum wage? Do you want working people to be poor?
4.Why does the rent get higher? Why does healthcare cover less?
Again, these issues face minorities, low-income households. (EQUAL IS NOT EQUAL)
5. Capitalism sets up a system of generational wealth, a major problem. (In a way,
capitalism fueled racial tensions in the USA. Here’s why:
1. The Slave Trade resulted in Africans coming to America
2. In the US, this meant hereditary slavery.
3. After slavery was abolished, African Americans remained poor. This is because
they had awful access to healthcare and had NO access to a quality education.
4. As the African-Americans as a whole struggled, rich white men on Wall St controlled
the wealth of the country because of capitalism– a system that works for the top one percent
and leaves everyone else out.
5. Today, many African-Americans work hard in working class jobs and still struggle to
get by. (The rich, white men on Wall St owe them!)