Activities Are Thriving at SHP

September is a unique month. The warm summer weather dwindles to a cool breezy temperature as Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. However, another major event characterizes the month of September: back to school. The Prep has seen several changes over the extensive (and much-needed) summer break. Some of these updates include the library renovation and new gym flooring.

While new renovations and updates are exciting, the students are essentially the center of The Prep. The students who practice our motto “Hazard Zet Forward” every day are what make our institution such a special place. While students acclimate to their new classes and teachers, student activities have taken a leap forward. Recently, I had the chance to sit down with the director of activities, Mr. Durning ’06. We had a very interactive meeting; he could not be more excited for activities in the 2022-2023 school year.

I first asked Mr. Durning about any new, significant changes to activities so far in the new school year. He says that no major structural changes have been implemented, but there have been some tweaks. Every month one Friday will host a tournament of choice, whether it be dodgeball, 3-on-3 basketball, or ultimate frisbee. In addition, many new clubs have already been formed in the school year. They include the touch football club, future STEM leaders club, sports analysis and trivia club, sports psychology club, and the book club. In regard to student events, such as dances and trips, there have been no changes, but rather additions. The freshman/sophomore semi-formal, junior formal, and senior prom will all be coming post-Xmas break. The Ski and Snowboard club has reinstated their Vermont and Utah ski trips, which will sell out fast in the coming weeks. Even the Pirate Adventure Club has been revitalized and is planning for a Costa Rica trip over spring break. The Cars and Coffee car shows, run by the Car Club, will be in full swing this year, while the SHP Museum Club will try to go on local museum trips. Of course, Kairos retreats are running and make for great experiences.

Mr. Durning also shared some thoughts regarding the activities fair on September 22. The fair was a successful kickoff with approximately 80 clubs in attendance and several hundred students participating. However, the venue proved difficult because club signs could not be seen very well in the dining hall. Despite the difficulties, the Pirates responded with our motto “Hazard Zet Forward” and made it into a successful event. In turn, Mr. Durning sees a bright future for activities at The Prep. As COVID restrictions dwindle, more clubs can exist, and passionate students can run clubs or dabble in many of their interests. Mr. Durning also advises that students keep creating new clubs and scale them to many different students. For those who want to create a club, the steps are simple: Fill out the club proposal form (which can be found online or at the Activities Office), get a moderator to sign on the form, provide Mr. Durning the complete form for approval, and set a date for the first meeting!

A unique facet of The Prep is its ability to accommodate all students. The student body consists of many different backgrounds, interests, and talents. As a result, student life at The Prep is inclusive of everyone and provides an enriching and fulfilling school experience. Seton Hall Prep is not just a school, but rather it is a broad place, a wider community. Of course, students learn in class and play on some of the best teams in the state, but there is more. Students have the opportunity to pursue and widen their interests while creating new bonds with their classmates through student activities.