Three Key Issues

The 2020 election is fast approaching, and that is exactly why it is important to start learning about the candidates, Joe Biden and Donald TrumpIt  is also extremely important to study the issues of people of our generation. Therefore, I will be creating a series of articles discussing the 2020 elections through my vision  for America.                      

                                                      Top 3 Issues

1. Climate Change

Climate change directly affects people of my generation. It’s time to put the fossil fuel industry out of business. Our climate is truly in an “existential crisis.” Since I have asthma, I have experienced what it is like to not be able to breathe. Therefore, it is imperative that the US not only rejoins the Paris accord to be a global leader in curbing climate change but also signs the “Green New Deal” into action. The Green New Deal is bold and progressive. However, it is the only plan that ensures that our planet remains habitable. Climate Change is a global crisis. Therefore, it is our responsibility to become the leaders of environmental science and do our best to make sure that our land is sustainable for generations to come. Furthermore, it is important for even greedy, money-minded capitalists to understand that business cannot succeed if there is no planet left to do business in. 

 What should you do? 

 1-Become a climate activist! (Spread the word!!!!) Talk to your local congressman about signing the Green New Deal. 

 2- Vote for candidates who believe in science and actually believe in climate change.  

 3- Become Vegetarian. (Ask your school cafeteria to go meatless for a year!) 

 4-Use less plastic! (Make sure that you use products that are biodegradable!) 

 5-No more plastic straws! (They kill turtles!) 

 2. A Wealth Tax

A wealth tax that taxes the top one-tenth of the one percent is absolutely necessary for change in America. Billionaires and millionaires ought to pay their fair share in taxes. Today, Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns. Therefore, it is crystal clear that the wealthy, rich, and well-connected pay less in taxes. America should have Medicare for All, Tuition-Free Public College, and Universal Child Care. These changes, however, cannot take place without having a wealth tax that taxes the rich in order to bring about the greatest amount of good for the American people. 

3.  Medicare for All

Healthcare is a human right. The United States has a broken health care system that fails working class Americans. Today, Americans do not have good access to healthcare. Furthermore, Trump and Mitch McConnell’s senate cares more about helping big pharma and multinational corporations than making sure that all Americans can have access to good quality healthcare. This is why healthcare should be free for all Americans. Additionally, prescription drugs should be highly regulated by the government so that Americans have access to the lifesaving drugs they need. Once again, it is time for the government to work for the middle class and not the pharmaceutical industry that constantly rips off the American people. 

 Therefore,  I endorse Joseph R. Biden for President of the United Sates!