Introverts Can Be Leaders

In the course of history our world has been exposed to leaders of all personalities. Some being more outspoken than others. But, nonetheless we remember historical figures for their actions as opposed to whether or not they are outgoing. Actions speak louder than words, and a great leader does not have to always possess the characstic of being outspoken. Strong and silent are the perfect adjectives to describe one of our nation’s greatest leaders, Abraham Lincoln. According to Charles Francis Adams, Jr., grandson of President John Quincy Adams, “He seemed shy to a degree, and very awkward in manner; as if he felt out of place, and has a realizing sense that properly the positions should be reversed.” Abraham Lincoln was President during one of the darkest times in American history. A time when our nation was divided into two and on the verge of collapsing. Lincoln being an introvert, did not let that derail his intentions for the country, in a time when America needed a great leader.

Bill Gates who is recognized as one the wealthiest men in the world and founder of Microsoft which has been at the of forefront of the technological force for decades, is widely associated with being an introvert, a shy, reticent person. Colleagues who work with Gates say that he has a calm demeanor to him, but when it comes down to business he becomes a tenacious entrepreneur, which is common amongst introverts. “Bill brings to the company the idea that conflict can be a good thing,” says Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO. Starting a company from the ground and then running a company that has employed 134,944 is no easy task; for Gates though he kept true to who he was as a leader and never tried to be something he was not. Introverts can prevail as great leaders regardless of the fact that may not be as outspoken as their colleagues.

In Today’s society we lose sight of what a person has accomplished, and instead look toward the fact of whether or not they appeal to our pleasurable vices. A person’s legacy should not be judged solely on the fact of them being a charismatic person. Instead, it should focus on their actions and what they did for the greater good. In the most recent Presidential election, it ultimately came down to a clash of personalities as opposed to who would have been the most fruitful for our country. This can be detrimental to our nation because if we do not put forth the best possible candidates than the fate of our country is in the balance. This must always, be kept in check and we should judge based on tangible facts.

Leadership comes in many different forms and, can not be solely defined by the fact of, whether they are an introvert or an extrovert. Great leaders have been introverts, their actions present the representation of who they are as a leader. Great leaders can be introverts, and history has shown that judgment and everlasting greatness is dependent of your actions.