The Watcher Brings Netflix Success

Locals are sending mixed reactions to Netflix’s new hit TV show in New Jersey dubbed The Watcher. This TV show is based on two of NJ’s most famous murders which took place in a Union County town in 1971 and 2014. The show has hooked many avid Netflix subscribers who have said that this show that is partially based on a true story and is terrific.  

One thing the hit show does best is bring in a big-name actor and familiar face to the television, Bobby Cannavale, who in 2005 won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. Also, in 2013 Cannavale won another Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Cannavale has been in many other famous films, like Ant-Man, Jumanji, and Sing 2 among others. This show is yet another Netflix hit, keeping people hooked to the service, which is incredibly important due to the recent expansion of other platforms like HBO GO, Disney +, Peacock, Hulu, and more.  

Although the actual incident occurred in Westfield, the Netflix show was filmed in Rye, a municipality in Westchester, New York, with character names changed with the street address the same as in the real-life incident.  

The Watcher is alongside other hit Netflix originals keeping people hooked to the service such as Stranger Things, Outer Banks, Designated Survivor, and many more hit fictional and non-fictional films.  

Westfield, as mentioned above, is where both the The Watcher incident and the based are set. Westfield is a town in Union County, New Jersey with a population of roughly 30,000 and is considered one of the safest places to live in the country. Westfield is roughly a 30–45-minute drive away from The Prep.