Marquez’s Fable Resonates

“The Most Beautiful Drowned Man in the World” by Gabriel Gracia Marquez is a fable that is well known all over the world. Actually, you could say that a fable is a fictional legend in which the main character is an inanimate being. In this case, the drowned person is the main character and is an inanimate being. In this fable, it is noted that the characterization of the drowned man develops a lot because Marquez wants to give us a mysterious situation and tone. At first, the drowned man was a “bundle in the sea” and the village boys thought that the drowned man was a chicken. However, when the drowned gets closer, the boys realize that the drowned was full of seaweed. At this moment, the women of the town see the body of the giant and they themselves realize his natural beauty and think about what his life was like, something very mysterious. In addition, women give him the name “Esteban” to think and talk about this inanimate being. It should be noted that women are very jealous of his body because they know that their husbands and the men of the town are not as handsome as Esteban. Men are also aware of his body and respect him for his masculinity. At the end of the story, the members of the town, specifically the women, were preparing a large funeral to celebrate this drowning. In any case, the development of the inanimate being within a very fictitious story makes us classify this work as a fable.

Also, during the story, it should be noted that Marquez uses hyperbole and the superlative to tell us about the beauty of Esteban’s body. Also, it is seen that Marquez uses “the river of conscience” when he adds more details to give us a deep idea of ​​what happens in the plot. For example, to describe what happens when the men of the town who go to each house to ask if the drowned person belongs to someone, Marquez wrote dialogue and extra details of what the townspeople thought and said to give us a better idea of what is happening in the plot. In short, it is clear Marquez wants us to know that this event caused a very big change in the town. Before the encounter with the drowned man, the village was quite simple and did not have much expression. After this meeting, the members of the town become very happy and the town becomes more alive again because the members of the town take the initiative to plant flowers throughout the town. For this reason, it is very clear that the drowned man becomes a symbol of pride for the members of the town. In any case, this fable by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a work full of rich techniques to tell us a story about when an inanimate being transformed into a small fishing village.