Meet Colin Flaherty ’20

The basketball season is just about to get underway and I had the chance to interview
the starting point guard for the Pirates’ Varsity team, Colin Flaherty ’20. Colin has
been playing basketball since he was in the second grade. Colin’s main motivation
for starting this sport was his Dad. When Colin was little, his Dad used to take him to recreation
practices, one on one. From that point on, Colin never looked back. Soon enough, Colin found
himself playing more often and participating at an even greater number of workouts.
Colin’s strongest attributes are his defense or his overall basketball IQ. According to
Colin, he has never been the tallest or most athletic. Because of this, he really had to study the
game and learn how to pick apart defenses. Also, he had to learn ways to give himself
opportunities to succeed. As to his defense, Colin believes that defense is driven from one’s
heart and willingness to succeed. Over the years, he has learned that his drive is what got him
to the next level. From the words of Colin, “You aren’t a player if you can’t play defense.”
Our focus then shifted to the NBA and I asked about some player comparisons. His
favorite NBA team is the Boston Celtics. This is because his family is from Maine and his Dad
made him instantly fall in love with them. According to Colin, a potential player comparison for
him would be Monta Ellis. His ability to pick defenses apart, as well as to score when needed is
what set him apart. Similar to Flaherty, Monta was always willing to improve his jumper.
Additionally, Monta’s most similar feature to Colin is his smothering defense. Monta was
known for his aggressive, yet poised play, and while guarding them, barely giving his
opponents any room to breathe.
As for the Seton Hall Prep Pirates, Colin Flaherty has high expectations for this year’s
Varsity squad. The Pirates’ many pieces each have their own unique perks; however, all of the
players have a common, great characteristic: talent. Year in and year out, the Pirates produce
exquisite basketball talent, as shown both on and off the court. An underrated perk in today’s
meta of basketball is having great starters coupled with a deep stock of role players on the
bench. This year’s team looks deeper than ever, and most, if not all, of the Pirate role players
could start on some of their opponent teams.
The first SHP Varsity Basketball game will be on Saturday, December 21 st at the Dunn
Center in Elizabeth. The Pirates will be playing Rutgers Prep. The Pirates will have to start the
season hitting the hardwood running. However, the Pirates are consistently known for never
turning down a challenge.