Mr. Gallo ’79 Rises to the Occasion

This past trimester, Seton Hall Prep experienced a seismic administrative shift.
Monsignior Robert Harahan, former headmaster, was appointed pastor of St. Rose of Lima
parish in Short Hills by Cardinal Joseph Tobin. Msgr. Harahan served as headmaster for five
years before receiving his new appointment. Though Msgr. will be greatly missed by the Seton
Hall Prep community, we look forward to beginning the next chapter with our new headmaster,
Michael Gallo.
Mr. Gallo has a long history with Seton Hall Prep, having graduated in 1979 following in
the footsteps of his brother and older cousins. Mr. Gallo was an extremely involved member of
the Prep community even as a student: his last three seasons on the football team included a
record of 32-0-1; his senior wrestling team was the first non-public state champions in Seton
Hall Prep history. His extracurricular activities included religion club, student council, booster
club, and crazy club (what we now know as Pirate Nation).
Mr. Gallo began working at the Prep in 1983. Mr. Gallo says he wanted to work at Seton
Hall because of his own experiences here. Not long before Mr. Gallo enrolled as a freshman, his
father passed away. At the Prep, he found coaches and teachers whom he considered role models
and father figures, and as an adult, he wanted the opportunity to give back to the community.
Since his professional career here began, he has worn almost every hat within the Seton Hall
Prep administration including teacher, coach, school counselor, Dean of Men, building
supervisor, Assistant Headmaster and now Headmaster.
Mr. Gallo says he has learned from former headmasters that to do the job well, it is
imperative to treat everyone with respect, and from experience, he has learned that Seton Hall
Prep is special because of the genuine care people in the community have for it. He has declared
his mission for the rest of this school year to fulfill Msgr. Kelly’s vision of academic success and
brotherhood, keep the faculty intact, and maintain the success and integrity of the student body.
Mr. Gallo would like to tell the community, “my title has changed, but my passion and love for
this institution stay the same.”