Pirate Football Beats Delbarton

Improve to 16th in NJ

Jack McDermott ’21
Pirate Fans Await the Big Game

The Seton Hall Prep Pirates have moved up two places in state rankings after defeating the Delbarton “Green Wave” 16-14 this past Saturday at home. Led by  Matt Colantuono ’20, Zander Zebrowski ’20, and Dom Busby ’20 the Pirates offense was able to upset their rival and earn the ranking of 16th in the State. 

The first quarter started off slow with back-to back scoreless drives. Finally, with 35 seconds left in the first quarter Delbarton junior, Gary Lewis, was able to break free from coverage and receive a throw from junior, Cole Freeman, for a 73 yard Delbarton touchdown. Pat Ryan ’21, then hit the extra point for a Delbarton lead 14-7. 

However, the Pirates were able to bounce back quick to start off the second quarter. Seton Hall Prep quarterback Zander Zebrowski was able to find Nicholas Gullace ’20 for a 56 yard gain. The Pirates then utilized their explosive run game with three carries from Matt Colantuono. Colantuono’s carries were able to get the pirates on the 1st yard line and Colantuono was able to finish the drive and run it into the endzone. After Austin Kuterka ’21 was able to hit the extra point the game was all tied up 7-7. 

The two defenses then clashed it out for another sequence of back-to-back scoreless drives, which gave Delbarton the ball back with 5 minutes left. After a few short gains, quarterback Cole Freeman looked long for Nick Petrillo for a 35 yard touchdown with 41 seconds left in the half. Pat Ryan was able to hit the PAT for Delbarton for a lead of 14-7 at the end of the half. 

The Pirates led a long drive to start off the second half with short gains from PJ Penders ’21, Gullace, and Colontuano. With 8:29 left in the quarter the Pirates decided to go for a field goal attempt that Kuterka ended up hitting wide. After a scoreless Delbarton drive the pirates were given the ball back. The Pirates were able to work their way down the field and during 4th and 3 near the 20 yard line the Pirates decided to go for it. After Zebrowski scrambled in the pocket, he was forced to throw it up and Delbarton’s Gary Lewis was able to intercept the pass with 2 minutes 24 seconds left to play in the third. Once again, the Prep’s defense came up big and were able to stop the Green Wave to end the third quarter. 

The Pirates started off with the ball for the third quarter and made their way down field. With a big 13 yard pickup from tight end Dom Busby, the pirates were on the 2nd yard line. Colantuono was able to run it in for his second touchdown of the day and make the score 14-13. The Pirates lined up for the PAT but Kuterka’s kick hit the post and bounced out to keep the score at 14-13 with just 9 minutes left to play. The Pirate’s defense came up clutch once again and were able to stop another Delbarton drive, and force a punt. The Prep was able to block the punt, and although Delbarton recovered the football, it set up the Prep’s offense near the 50 yard line with 3:50 left to play. The Prep played to their strengths and they began to run the ball with running backs Colantuono and Myles Thomason ’22, getting short gains for three consecutive first downs. After intentionally running down the clock, the Pirates were able to reach first and goal with a minute to play. Delbarton’s defense then came up big, and were able to hold the Prep for the next three plays. As the clock went down to twenty seconds Seton Hall Prep’s head coach, Bill Fitzgerald, used his last time out and sent out the kicking team. Kiterka was able to bounce back after his two previous misses and make the field goal for a Seton Hall Prep lead of 16-14 with just 20 seconds left to play. 

The Prep then kicked it off and were able to stop the return around the 35 yard line. Cole Freeman threw for a 30 yard gain and moved Delbarton up the field. With just 4 seconds left to play Delbarton snapped the ball, and as Freeman went deep into the pocket looking for a receiver, the Prep was able to sack him to end the game. The stadium erupted as the Pirates began celebrating and joined one another in singing the alma mater.