The Pirate Goes Online

The digital age has changed so much in our world today. Many thriving businesses of the
past have fallen behind in today’s economy. Examples can be seen everywhere, something as
simple as cable companies losing customers to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.
Technology is everywhere in our world today, especially when it comes to the news. The
digital revolution has almost eliminated the traditional paper newspaper. We no longer see paperboys on their bicycles throwing stacks of papers onto everybody’s front lawns. Personally, the only newspaper I receive in the mail on paper currently is the Florham Park Eagle, a newspaper speaking about my small town of Florham Park and surrounding towns. All of the major newspapers have simply transitioned to online. The Wall Street Journal and the New York
Times are primarily read online by their subscribers in this current period of time. As the editor in chief of The Pirate this year, I would like to announce that The Pirate
newspaper has followed in the footsteps of other major newspapers and transitioned to online this year. The Pirate can be reached from the SHP Website or directly at the link:

Students have been writing articles for the student body in our school newspaper here at
SHP for about ninety years, with our first paper issue of The Pirate coming out in the 1930s.
Going to an online source will allow us to accomplish much more as a staff. We can publish
more articles more frequently, as new articles will be uploaded to the website weekly rather than coming out with a new issue every month.

We will continue producing our typical categories of editorials, ranging from movie reviews to current events to school functions to student and faculty interviews. This year, the online newspaper will also include many new sections that had not been a part of The Pirate ever
before, such as the new SHPN section that will solely cover the various athletic teams at SHP.
If you have any interest in becoming a writer for the newspaper, feel free to come to one
of our staff meetings. We hold meetings every Thursday after school in Room 216. The Pirate
staff looks forward to the rest of 2019 and beyond as The Pirate has transitioned in this digital
age for the first time in its ninety year history.