Seniors Navigate COVID Year

It is no secret that Covid-19 has disrupted the flow of a normal school year at Seton Hall
Prep. Every year of a student’s high school career is important, but there is definitely something
special about senior year. Senior year at Seton Hall Prep is usually full of traditions such as
prom, Kairos, and the senior barbeque. Even small things like singing the alma mater and shaking
Monsignor Kelly’s hand in the morning become more meaningful during senior year. Although many
activities have been lost, Seton Hall’s seniors have still been able to have a fulfilling final year
for themselves.

Our seniors have been taking full advantage of everything that is still being offered at
The Prep. There are many other schools that are not attempting to carry on the way we are at
Seton Hall. The seniors appreciate the administration’s commitment to an in-person learning
environment and continuing as many programs as possible. For the seniors, this year is a unique
opportunity to live out Seton Hall’s motto: “Hazard zet Forward.” Though we hear the motto
very often at The Prep, sticking to it can be quite challenging. None of our students have ever
had to navigate a situation like this and they have chosen to make the most of it.

Seniors have not only been committed to their academics, but also carrying on clubs and
bettering themselves. Students have taken their extra free time to do more working out and
exercise to take care of their physical health. Seniors have turned to prayer, journaling, and even
poetry to keep themselves mentally and spiritually healthy. Seniors were able to turn their
attention to the college search early and get a jump start on applications. Due to virtual tours,
seniors were also able to expand their search further than they would have been able to. The
varsity soccer and football teams both managed to have full and successful seasons.

According to varsity football captain, Declan Kazan 21’, this year “spotlighted The Prep and showed Seton
Hall off as a place of character.”

The 2021 school year is probably nobody’s ideal senior year, but thanks to their years of
preparation at The Prep, this senior class has been able to succeed despite the hardship. For
underclassmen, common advice from seniors includes getting involved in the community,
participating in class, connecting with your classmates, and cherishing your time at Seton Hall Prep. Any
student who is able to do these things will be fully able to exemplify Seton Hall’s ideology and
be prepared for any trouble he may encounter. This year’s seniors have been successful in
engaging with The Prep community’s values and are now prepared to bring those values with
them into their college experience.