Applying Karl Marx in the 21st Century

Although Karl Marx’s philosophy has almost always been carried out by authoritarian,
radical left regimes, his ideas of creating better lives for the working class and criticizing the
shortcomings of capitalism are exactly what is needed in 21st century America. Republicans
affirm that capitalism is part of the “American Dream,” and the idea of structural economic
change that moves away from pure capitalism is simply “unAmerican.” However, according to
Bernie Sanders, “The top one-tenth of 1 percent now owns almost as much wealth as the bottom
90 percent.” This means that working class Americans are being controlled by large, rich
multinational corporations that only care about their own personal gains and not the well being
of their workers. Moreover, the system of capitalism enables such large, multinational,
corporations “to make the rules of the game” and use working class people as “pawns.” This
system almost always ends up in large profits for the top one percent and barely anything for the
In order to understand why capitalism is failing, let’s investigate the American Dream.
The Statue of Liberty reads, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to
breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost
to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” This statement exemplifies that the American
dream is available for all people who seek true freedom and opportunity to be free from tyranny.
When multinational corporations and the big banks on Wall Street work for their own benefit
and not the benefit of working class people, they, themselves, soon become the tyrants of the
working class people. In order for the American Dream to stay alive, it is absolutely necessary
that the US federal government implements a wealth tax and supports Medicare for All, a
socialized healthcare system that works for all American people.
In order for a “more perfect union,” a wealth tax that taxes the top one-tenth of the one
percent is absolutely necessary for economic and social structural change in America. To start, it
is absolutely necessary that the billionaires and millionaires pay their fair share in taxes. It is
shocking that the president of the United States and the senate has refused to release his tax
returns to the American people. Perhaps it is even more shocking that, according to Bernie
Sanders, “Right now, 500,000 Americans are sleeping out on the street and yet companies like
Amazon that made billions in profits did not pay one nickel in federal income tax.” Therefore, it
is crystal clear that wealthy, rich, and well-connected Americans pay less in taxes. In fact, it
should be the complete opposite. Although the wealthy claim to have worked hard for their
money and their wealth, they must not be greedy as they got their wealth because of the help of
working class Americans. Furthermore, the top one percent can afford to pay a wealth tax that
would ensure Medicare for All, Tuition-Free Public College, and Universal Child Care. These
changes, however, cannot take place without having a wealth tax that taxes the rich in order to
bring about the greatest amount of good for the American people.
It is time to acknowledge that healthcare is a human right. It goes without saying that the
United States has a broken health care system that fails working class Americans. Often, middle
class Americans feel as though healthcare is getting far too expensive. Today, it is an
understatement to say that most Americans do not have good access to healthcare. Perhaps what
is most damning is that capitalist-minded Republicans such as President Trump and Senator
Mitch McConnell care more about helping big pharmaceutical companies and multinational
corporations than making sure that all Americans have access to quality healthcare. This is
precisely why healthcare should be available and free to all Americans. Additionally, Medicare
for All would ensure that prescription drugs are highly regulated by the government so that
Americans have access to the lifesaving drugs they need. Once again, it is time for the
government to work for the poor and middle class rather than the pharmaceutical industry that
constantly makes life harder and unlivable for the majority of the American people.
When the top one percent enjoy their privilege while the working class does not have
access to healthcare and is suffering, the American Dream can not possibly be available to all
Americans. When the right wing attacks Karl Marx, they often attack the implementation of Karl
Marx ideas that lead to authoritarian regimes. In fact, today’s system of capitalism is, simply put,
undemocratic. The large multinational corporations have become the tyrants that control working
class Americans. Furthermore, it is important to distinguish democratic socialism from
authoritarian based socialism. Democratic socialism for America means that the government will
remain a democracy while implementing socialist policies that work for all the American people,
not just for the top one percent and multinational corporations. In summary, it is time for a
revolution in which the working class Americans call out their tyrants, the multinational