Spring Musical Man of La Mancha Approaches

As the second trimester comes to an end and the days grow warmer, so come the many
exciting facets of spring: driving with the windows down, spring break vacations, and of course,
the spring musical! This year, the school is putting on a production of the 1965 Tony award
winning musical, Man of La Mancha. There are three chances to see this incredible show on
April 1, 2, and 3 at 7:30pm. For more information about tickets, email [email protected], or call
973-325-6749. Composer Mitch Leigh, lyricist Joe Darion, and book author Dale Wasserman tell
the story of Spanish canon icon Don Quixote de La Mancha.

Mr. Joe Neglia and Mrs. Theresa Neglia are directing the show, following up a fantastic
fall drama production of A Christmas Carol. The curtain opens on a squalid prison cell
as Miguel de Cervantes and his manservant are thrown in among the other prisoners. Cervantes
insists on delivering his trial in the form of a charade. He invites the prisoners to engage in his
entertainment, and thus ensues one of the age old stories of the first modern novel. Don Quixote,
played by Matthew Guarnuccio ’20, and his squire Sancho Panza, played by Danny
Mottesi ’20, travel through the Spanish countryside on the mission to get Quixote dubbed a knight.
Their task proves quite difficult, given that there have been no knights in existence for hundreds
of years. Today, Don Quixote is still considered one of the most magnificent literary characters,
often thought of as the original romantic. He is a nonconformist and an optimist with an ideal
understanding of the universe and how it functions. He sees all things as they should be, rather

than as they are. It is up for debate whether Quixote is the first romantic protagonist, but he
certainly is not the last. The extensive list of romantic heroes who follow Quixote notably
includes Jay Gatsby, Tom Sawyer, Edmond Dantés, and Mr. Rochester. Cervantes paved the way
for some of the greatest English and American literary characters for centuries to follow.
Quixote meets a broken down prostitute of an inn named Aldonza, played by Kayleigh
Cahill from the Academy for Performing Arts. He sees her as the fairest, most beautiful and holy
woman, Dulcinea. The supporting characters are played by Angel Martinez ’23,
Nicholas Rauschenberger ’20, high school freshman Gianna Parlapiano, Alex Giannoglou ’20,
Mount St. Mary’s senior Ceci Guarnuccio, David Akoh ’21, St. Elizabeth’s junior Gina
Petruziello, and Colin Schweitzer ’20.

Quixote, Sancho, and Aldonsa come into combat with a gang of brutish muleteers, played by

Joe Labrador ’20, and Robbi Wardius ’20, and Gabe Ferriero ’21, Will Kennedy ’21, Joaquin Suriel ’21, and Kenny Huang ’21.
This cast has been working rigorously since auditions in January. Rehearsing on
weekends and weekdays, they are very excited to share this heart warming story with an
audience. With a Tony award winning score, invigorating choreography, and a plot with a heart
of gold, this show is sure to impress. It truly does take a village to put on a production of this
caliber. The Neglias have united an incredibly driven creative team, set designer, backstage
crew, light designer, and network of families to support this show. The performance that you see
on the stage is only a fraction of the magic and hard work that goes into our musicals.

Man of La Mancha is renowned for its romantic spirit within the context of the
disheartening Spanish Inquisition. This show is guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, cry, and
dance. The cast, crew, and creative team have poured their hearts and souls into this project, so
make sure to come out and support them.