Implement Student Suggested Enrichment Blocks

At Seton Hall Prep the staff has introduced the Friday enrichment block to try to help reduce stress and anxiety in the student’s everyday lives. They have done a pretty good job at this to offer a variety of different activities to do as well as study halls, but they are missing something. They have not yet allowed students to create their own enrichment block.

Many students are interested in the activities that they have to offer but others want something more. They want to start an enrichment block that interests them if The Prep does not already have it to offer. As many of you know Seton Hall Prep has a variety of different students and many have different interests. Allowing the student body to start up their own enrichment blocks would allow many of the students to follow their interests and allow them to meet new people that have the same interests. This could also hook others that might be interested in the activity enough to turn it into a hobby.

Allowing students to start their own enrichment blocks would in return need a strict set of rules for the leader of the block to follow. The person wanting to start the club would have to go to the Dr. Incardona and would have to fulfill all of the following requirements. First, they would need a teacher that would allow them to use their classroom or a space in the school. Next, they would need to have signatures that people would be interested in signing up for their block during the enrichment block on Friday. With the number of signatures that they get then Dr. J can make an educated guess about how many slots would be needed for the block.

One idea that I have had is to start an enrichment block that allows students to sleep. On average a high school student requires at least eight hours of sleep to function throughout the day. Most students at Seton Hall Prep are involved in many of the extracurricular activities and are also part of sports teams making it hard for them to get the recommended amount of sleep. On top of this students may have upwards of three or four hours of homework a night. This does not allow students to go to bed early and get the sleep they need. Another factor is that some of the students at Seton Hall Prep live as far as an hour away from the school. This does not account for traffic some mornings causing some students to leave their houses early to reach the school on time.

There are also benefits to a sleep enrichment block. Researchers say that a quick twenty minute power nap can cause many people to have a better mood and a boost of energy . NASA has even taken the initiative to allow pilots to take a thirty minute power nap to boost their productivity and alertness. A power nap can also help with memory and learning capability. Researchers say that as short as a six minute nap can help with your memory. Lastly, it relieves stress and boosts the immune system. The point of the enrichment block is to relieve stress and sleep can help with that with the added bonus of fighting off colds that have been going around the school the past few weeks.

Seton Hall Prep should allow students to start their own enrichment block. It can allow people to make new friends while doing its intended purpose of relieving stress.