Getting the Help We Need

As we begin Trimester exams, the schedule offers us a lot of time to seek help from teachers for
help. As a student with a learning disability, I use this time to study and meet with my teachers.
When I was looking at schools the most important thing for me was how much help I would
receive with my schoolwork and grades. During freshman year I was in a program called
Support Academy that is a period after school or during lunch that assists students with
schoolwork. It could have been annoying at first but considering it now, it was a big help. I was
able to study for big tests, especially during trimester testing.

The other program that I am in is called LAP which helps me with everyday schoolwork, exams or quizzes, and essays. I have been using LAP more this year because I understand how useful it can be, where as a freshman it didn’t seem as important to me. LAP is run by Dr. Cannella ’99 and assisted by the head football coach, Coach Fitzgerald; they will help you with anything. You can go to LAP during gym, lunch, and activity period. With my learning disability, it can be hard to comprehend some material might not comprehend the material as well as some other kids. That’s why it’s so important for me to have this extra time for questions. Some of the students in the school don’t use that extra time; they do other things like mess around or look at their phones. I don’t understand why some of the students do this. They should be using this time to ask questions and study in order to be able to perform better on their tests.

I know one Seton Scholar that is always using his extra time to work or study because he gets a lot of work and by using the time wisely, he can have time to relax when he gets home. I know that the new enrichment period on Friday can help, but I believe there can be a choice where we can see multiple teachers, rather than sit in one silent study room. If we are able to go around, see teachers but come back to the room we sign up for we can get more out of the enrichment period and get the extra help that I need. Instead of sitting in that one class and then must find that teacher at lunch when they are not in their room, so one must go through the school looking for the teacher to help. Seton Hall Prep provides so many opportunities to get the one up on a test or quiz even when beginning trimester exams that will help me succeed in school with my learning difference.