Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Is Ready to Shake Things Up

Have you ever heard of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC)? Cortez is, perhaps, one of the most
controversial people in Washington today. To better understand AOC, we must take a look at
her life before she became a member of the House of Representatives of the fourteenth district
of New York. AOC is the daughter of a Puerto Rican mother and a Bronx father. Her childhood
can be described in one word: tough. At a young age, she lost her father. This was a formative
experience as her life would never be the same.
As a child AOC remembers her hardworking mother struggle to make enough money as a
single mother to provide for her family. Therefore, AOC remembers situations in which they did
not have enough money to pay rent and perhaps, more importantly, have access to good quality
healthcare. Thus, AOC, to this day, AOC remains fighting for healthcare for all (Medicare for
all). Medicare for all makes acres to healthcare a “human right!” AOC argues that her plan will
improve the lives of many who live the lives of the working class of America. AOC, however,
faces backlash due to this plan as Republicans find free healthcare to be part of AOC’s so
called socialist plot that would destroy corporate America. Despite this, AOC has remained
strong and continued to work on advancing legislation that would improve her constituents
access to quality, reliable healthcare.
AOC has lived the life of a minimum wage worker for years. As a bartender, she remembers
not making enough to get by and struggling to pay off her student loans, which to this day have
not been payed off. AOC, thus, fights for “living wage” and the pardon of college debt as she
believes that education should be provided by the government in order to advance society.
AOC has taken backlash for these polices as, across the aisle, wealthy Republicans argue that
she is destroying America. This, however, is untrue as AOC has lived and continue to live a life
in college debt and has lived the life of a working class person. Being a member of the working
class prepares her to speak on the issues of working class people who struggle to pay of debt
and struggle to pay the bills.
AOC is a young person and cares about the environment of the world she lives in. Thus, she
has proposed legislation called “The Green New Deal” that would promote green energy and
sustainability rather than continue with fossil fuels that continue to destroy the planet that not
only Americans inhabit, but also the world inhabits. Perhaps, more importantly AOC has made
the Democratic Party realize that the environment is a key issue and must be dealt with in a
sense of urgency as the planet, simply put, id dying! Once again, the congresswoman has
received backlash for trying to better the world around her. However, she will not not remain
silent and continue to fight for a better environment. Thus, AOC, along with her colleagues
(Illhan Omar, Roshida Talib, and Anya Presley) will continue to fight for the “Green New Deal,” a
comprehensive plan to better the environment.
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is ready to create trouble and stir things up in Washington. This,
however, is not a bad thing. As a matter of fact, AOC replaced an incumbent Democrat Joe
Crowley by telling people in her community about what he really stood for: Wall Street and
corporate America. Alexandria is also a woman of color. This makes her an attractive candidate for president as
young people of color can relate to her. Furthermore, AOC remains an inspiration to all people
because she was able to break down the walls in front of her. After all, the United States is a
country of immigrants, which makes Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the future of not only the
Demoacratic Party, but the country at large!