Mr. McGlone ’14 Returns to The Hall

Brendan McGlone, graduate of the Class of ‘14, has returned to The Prep to join the
English office after spending much time teaching abroad in Rome, sharing his love for Latin,
guitar, and ultimate frisbee with the Prep community.
Mr. McGlone, upon leaving the Prep in 2014, went on to earn his Mixed Humanities
Degree, specifically in History, Literature, Philosophy, and Latin. During his time with The Prep
community, Mr. McGlone learned Latin “from the feet of the master,” or in other words, Mr.
Zinsmeister, the current head of Seton Hall Prep’s Office of Admissions. In fact, with his
nurtured love of this ancient language, during his time abroad in Rome, Mr. McGlone went on to
teach Latin for a company in Rome known as the Pardea Institute, kicking off his wonderful
career not only as a teacher, but also as an inspiration to the minds of a next generation of Latin
With his moving back to the United States in 2018, Mr. McGlone noticed an opening for
a job in Seton Hall Prep’s English Office. Mr. McGlone states, “I really enjoyed the place when I
was here. I had a really great time here during high school. The students are great, the faculty is
terrific. I just thought that it would be a great way to start off my teaching career.”
Since his return to The Prep, Mr. McGlone has acheived the position of not only
English teacher, but also as the Assitant Coach to the Pirate Swim Team. Mr. McGlone says,
“I’ve never coached at the high school level before. I’ve taught swimming, but I’ve never
coached. But I’m definitely looking forward to the experience because I really love the sport.”
In fact, when he was a student here at The Prep, McGlone swam for the Pirate Team as well.
With the addition of the Enrichment Block to our Friday schedule, Mr. McGlone has begun
to head an activity that is known to all: Ultimate Frisbee. He is highly fond of the sport having
played it in college, and most students have come to enjoy the activity too, as a sport and as a
great stress-reliever.
Since graduating from the Prep in 2014, Mr. McGlone notes that much has changed since
returning, “It’s very different”, he says, “many of my former teachers and early mentors are
now my colleagues, and continue to teach me. I am still going to them for advice, and it’s nice to
have a different relationship with some of the people whom I had past relationships with. I had a
number of incredible teachers. Mr. Binkowski had a great influence on me when it came to
reading especially.” To Mr. McGlone, “the tradition never graduates,” with three of his cousins
and three of his brothers, as well as his father, Class of ‘81, being Prep graduates themselves. To
him, the sense of brotherhood that Seton Hall Prep emphasizes has not changed one bit; that the
sense of strong ties to the community has persisted since his departure.