Mr. P.J. Candido Returns to The Prep

Mr. PJ Candido, a graduate of the Prep in 2011, decided to return as a faculty member this year.
He works with other SHP graduates like himself who want to stay in touch with the Prep
community even after graduating. His goal in the alumni relations department is to keep alumni
aware and engaged in the Prep long after leaving as a senior. Hailing from Cedar Grove, he is
from Italian descent and graduated from the University of Scranton in 2015.

Another part of SHP he is active in is our athletics program, for which he maintains the social
media profiles. His personal favorite sport is basketball, which he has played and watched since
he was a kid. When asked about why he covers sports, he said- “When I realized I couldn’t play
for a career, I decided to cover it instead.” Although not playing basketball professionally, he
still plays for fun. He also enjoys fantasy football, lifting weights, and working out.

When asked about his favorite part of SHP, he said it is “just the brotherhood and how everyone
is so close, so open, and how no one is judging or trying to impress anyone else.” He stands firm
in believing that brothers always have each other’s backs. The one thing he wants current students
of The Prep to know would be that he is always available to talk to, and that he wants to interact
with students. He says he is always an option to talk to whenever students need help.