A Call for Change

The recent mass shooting in El Paso calls for change in our country. We live in a country where your safety is determined by luck. Imagine you were walking the streets of EL Paso, Texas and you suddenly heard, “boom!boom!” the sound of a firearm going off. What would you do? Would you escape? But, what if your escape is not successful? Then, you would fall victim to your murderer. You won’t just be dead; your family will be dead as well. This is reality; therefore, we must make sure an event like this never happens again. It is clear that our country is hurt and the only remedy that is available is a comprehensive gun reform as well as a change of leadership in Washington.
The first step to make a change is by admitting that there is a problem in the process of purchasing a gun. It is only after that that we can advance legislation that will make the process of buying a firearm or any kind of gun harder, making domestic terror attacks less likely. Democrats have tried to work across the aisle with the Republicans, however, it is clear that after three failed years of leadership in Washington, passing a bill for the betterment of our country is a hard task. By ending loopholes to purchasing guns and firearms, lives are being saved. Although guns may not shoot themselves, the person who buys the gun must not become the one to shoot. Reforming our nations gun laws is not the only thing we ought to do. We must tackle with the source of the problem, racism.
Perhaps the the biggest issue we face is racism. Our president has called Mexican migrants “rapists” and has repeatedly accused them of “bringing drugs.” It is perhaps no wonder the uneducated have taken it upon themselves to fight against the “Hispanic Invasion.” Our current president has spread racism as a way to win the uneducated as the only way a man like him can get elected is by doing just that. Racism is not a word or a form of bullying; it is a cancer that kills in our country. The shooter, Patrick Wood Crusius, decided to shoot in El Paso, Texas, a diverse city in Texas because he was against “race mixing” and wanted to “send them (Mexican Migrants)back.” It is lamentable that the same exact words come out of the Commander-in-Chief of our divided nation. Our president may not call himself a racist, but has gotten the endorsement of the KKK, a white supremacy group. Spreading hate is what our president is doing and we must combat hate with a change of leadership in Washington before more innocent lives are taken.