Learning Spanish Is a Must

Imagine you were walking on the streets of Miami, Florida and were looking to buy a Coke. At this point, you would most likely walk into a convenience store. Most of the time they would have what you would want visible, but what if they do not? Then, you would most likely have to go to someone who works at the store. A good number of blue collar jobs in the United States are worked by Latinos. Some Latinos who reside in the United States might not understand you because they are not fluent in English. Therefore, if you did not know Spanish at all, you might be in a tough situation here. Because of situations like these, learning Spanish must be a compulsory course for all Americans because without Spanish, we are not able to communicate with millions of fellow Americans.

Learning Spanish means that one is more likely to get a well-paying job. Several jobs in the field of business and economics require Spanish as a second language. This is due to the economic trade between the United States and Latin America. From soybeans to coffee, Americans relies on trade with Latin America. If business is not one’s interest, jobs, like being a flight attendant or being a translator pay more if one speaks more than one language. Additionally, anyone who is interested in politics could do better being bilingual as there are millions of Latino voters in the United States. As a matter of a fact, Kyrsten Sinema beat Martha McSally in Arizona, a deep red state, largely due to Latino vote. Furthermore, bilingual bakers and doctors also get compensated more than their peers who just speak English. So, if one wants a job that pays well, learning Spanish definitely helps.

Americans are successful because we learn to assimilate with other cultures. Latinos are one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. In fact, there are  58 million Latinos that currently reside in the states (Pew Research Center). Therefore, as Americans, it is our responsibility to learn their vibrant culture and language. Due to their large population; Spanish is all over our nation. From restaurants to banks, one will definitely see signs or menus in Spanish as Spanish is the second most used language of our nation. The reality is that Latinos come to the United States for a better life and for economic opportunity, so let’s make their transition to “American” life easier, by learning their language and culture.

Spanish, a language that comes originally from Spain, is spoken in 21 different countries and territories. From the beautiful, vibrant beaches of Cancún, Mexico to the crystal clear ice glaciers in El Calafate, Argentina, one is sure to find a place they love in Latin America. If one does not learn Spanish, they would have a harder time visiting some of the true wonders of the world. In a Spanish-speaking country, people are more likely to help someone who communicates in their first language, that is simply how our  brains work. Spanish is spoken differently throughout Latin America, and so while traveling, it is fun to see how different a language can sound depending on the location it is being spoken in. So, if one wants to travel and experience different cultures, it is important that as Americans, we learn Spanish.

Spanish must be a required course for all Americans because of all the opportunities that this second language can offer in United States and abroad. All students should learn about the world around them because that will appreciate other cultures and perspectives. So, when we learn Spanish, we are able to communicate with people both inside and outside our country. This is huge, as communication is a key for success. Furthermore, humans must communicate, that is simply our nature. From getting better jobs to enjoying a Coke in Miami, Spanish is a must-take course for all Americans.