Prom Can Be Worth It

Prom is one of the most exciting events that most teens look forward to in their lifetime! The many enjoyable aspects include attending a party with terrific friends, creating unforgettable memories, riding in a limousine for the first time, taking pictures everywhere you go, and lastly, getting to slow dance at the end with the person that means the most to you. It is truly an event not to miss. However, there is a con to every pro. The NY times states, “This year, according to the credit card company Visa, prom spending will reach an average of $1,139 per family, up 5 percent over last year.” Prom is very costly, ranging from tickets for a couple, tuxedo rentals, and photographers to flowers, limousines, and the “after party” dinner. This does not help seniors with saving money for their pricy college tuition. Also, it is not easy finding that special someone that you can connect with. Not everyone has that person they can experience the occasion with. An important question arises from all of this: is prom worth it? I will provide the positives and negatives about prom and you can decide if prom is right for you.

Everyone needs friends to socialize with and lean on when in dismay. Prom is a great way to enjoy these friendships and express your appreciation for your friends because you are spending time with them at an unforgettable event. This is not like hanging out regularly on a Friday night because, at prom, everyone is dressed fancy, more people can be accommodated, and face it, when do you ever dance? Prom is not something you see in everyday life; it is an awesome and unique experience. Also, everyone loves to have fun! Teens want to celebrate being in high school while they can. In fact, seniors only have a few days remaining before high school ends and college starts, so they would want to cherish the people in their lives before moving on to bigger and better things. Kids just want to celebrate being young. Speaking of youth, you will never have the opportunity in the real world to choose a person of your liking to dance and connect with while you are young. In my opinion, I always love going to these events because it gives me something to look forward to and I can actually relax the day of instead of worrying about homework or assessments. It is nice to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while!

The depressing factor about prom is that some may not be able to afford it. Spending close to $1,100 on one evening may not be worth it for some people because that money could be put to great use other than simple memories that can be created elsewhere. Is renting a tuxedo worth it? You could go to another place with a group of friends on prom night and spend way less money while still having that same fun with them. Prom isn’t that big of a deal people make it be. Sure, you cannot take pictures but you won’t miss anything magical if you skip. Also, some people may not be able to find a date. This factor may not bother some, but seeing everyone with their special person during the event may ruin the night with the feeling of being left out. Not to mention asking someone out could be emotionally stressful for you. Many girls and boys can be sensitive to these types of occasions and there could be a lot of drama to a proposal. For instance, if a guy asks a girl out but she wanted to go with someone else, she might deny his elaborate proposal. This could hurt that guy and make him decide not to go anymore. Prom can be a very stressful event both emotionally and financially, so skipping the occasion could avoid all of this stress.

Is prom worth it? Some of the pros include having the time of your life with the friends you love, making unforgettable memories in your youth, and getting a break from reality. Some of the cons include spending a lot of money on only one night, finding a date, and being stressed for the event. My verdict: leave high school with no regrets because you will not be able to go back in time. If you believe prom will be one of these regrets, then do not miss it. Everything will change in college so if you want to enjoy the friendships you currently have, prom is a great way to do so. Remember, it is only a dance and not the end of the world so if you decide not to go, that is completely fine.