Twitter Blocks Abusers, but Is Still Dangerous

On January 17, 2021, NPR published an article that stated that Rep. Marjorie Taylor
Greene’s (R,GA-14) Twitter account had been suspended due to her spreading of misinformation
about the election through Twitter’s platform. As a matter of fact, the suspension of Rep.
Taylor’s account took place shortly after Donald Trump’s Twitter account had been suspended
due to the chaos he created through his fallacious tweets. In this case, Twitter, an online
platform, made the right decision by taking action when their users acted in an irresponsible
manner. In order to understand the impact of this event, one must understand how Twitter works.

In reality, Twitter is the name of a piece of software that allows users to post “tweets” or
messages to the public. Twitter’s website and app is widely used by student advocates, political
leaders, and businesses to take advantage of Twitter to make statements to the public. Jack
Dorsey owns the technology behind the Twitter app and website.

The use of Twitter’s technology requires a license as it is not open source. In truth,
Twitter uses the internet in order to function properly. When a user posts a message, the post is
available for the public’s viewing through the website on the internet. Without the internet, users
would not be able to post or view tweets.

As far as privacy and security, users should be careful when making posts on Twitter, and
all of Twitter’s users should refrain from sharing personal information on the service.
Additionally, Twitter has been cited in numerous legal cases. In July 2020, Forbes reported that
Trump sued Twitter over his inability to block his critics from his account. This case went nowhere
and Trump lost.

In reality, Twitter degrades people’s lives. Right-wing users and even a US president
have used Twitter in order to call for violence in the nation. Further, Twitter enables users to
write whatever they want, and this could lead to situations in which teens write rude things and
cyberbully via tweets. Additionally, Twitter is an addictive social media app that can
waste a teen’s time; this reality means that parents should make sure their teens use Twitter